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tv   [untitled]    February 11, 2012 5:48pm-6:18pm EST

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now the other patients are going to wait even though they might have more severe problems they might have to wait for a bed for hours. if martin luther king you know even if they just limit their number of beds which they're planning on doing to forty two beds then that's going to be repercussions for everybody so. hopefully it won't get to the point where it's going to be affecting patient care to the point where people are going to be waiting for such long times that they're not going to be getting treated as they should so we'll see what happens. yeah he was actually right checking out the vehicle and the passenger. there is no one in the room to this we are the county hospital for the poor and yet with a trauma center for everyone on the south bay area of los angeles. so it makes no difference if you have the best insurance in the world or no insurance the next time you're in a traffic accident if god forbid we have an earthquake or
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a bioterrorist attack we are the place that you want to come we're the place you're going to be brought to guard us where you want to come and if we're overcrowded have no gurneys you're going to be in trouble you're not going to get the kind of care that you deserve. it's not the train wrecks that really scare us and keep us up at night it would scare innocent keeps us up at night is that essentially a pandemic flu it will take about. twelve hours before every hospital you are is overwhelmed. neighborhood by neighborhood are for her that if you want to go with the critical quarter yeah you know well but you said if you go to the emergency room there's no other way we can do your the emergency room right now. well can't they help me there at the emergency room. for. a lot of times they think you know i want you to take us in the ambulance because we'll be seen faster
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. in the e.r. . you. said the emergency room i mean was would be transported from one hospital to the other because you know years and i probably would present theories or you want to go to kaiser no. there's a little we can do that. now when one was was. was a tool that was developed and like any tool you if you don't have a set of instructions along with the tool is going to be you misuse and abuse and eventually you don't break. and. than the amish. a. lot of the water
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comes with the metal characters you're already in a hospital hold on a moment with a name and i'm trying to get an interpreter for you certainly movement don't i won't get sketched by now what is the murder here please stay in your brother's room and his job alone doesn't give him the love that it was all day on the emergency room my wife is about is dying and then there's a don't want to help you out ok when he came to die they want to get in the fight against the obama team blood ok and why aren't they helping or yeah i'll go watch in are. doing it and they're just watching her talk abt to contact the nurse or doctor let them know mom any blood they don't believe they're not gonna let him in if he's caught in a problem he needs to contact the county police officers at the the purity dept there was no doubt medics are not going to pick him up or pick is why apart from
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optical questions are already at one. one too cute one. with the persian gulf a little bit on the ground oh and norman first will know what i don't want to look over their faces all month when i was playing i mean yes there was. one other guy that was going to make good women duke remember some of them were glad of their god where with them out of the water you're at the. you're at the hospital ma'am i don't like them i cannot for you for the quality of the hospital they're saying they're going to want to use for murder purposes only that it's out of emerging ma'am if it is not a murder the opportunity yeah ok what about a criminal think the moment that the front of the bank gets a contract off the bike. the police have been to do with them just lying and i want
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to use for murder only where. it is not. a hate. crime for every day after that incident we actually have patients who are actually not in the e.r. but in the ward but they're not getting timely treatment in the ward they want more pain medication don't take up the phone and dial nine one one so we're sending the m s captain out to the eighteenth floor of the hospital to provide more pain medication for a patient that's inside there. no you know they want us to have. our firefighters
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paramedics are incredible i mean they're you know we think that we're constantly doing training and more training more training and they stepping up to to fill that gap but is that what we want as a society for the fire department to become the health care system. that. a big part of the fix is more primary preventive care if the people with diabetes and high blood pressure get treated early then they don't come in here with heart attacks and strokes. and yet out of the understand this you know. there you go primanti actually you love in an ideal world for us need to open up those county clinics and so we have some place for individuals will walk into before they become in crisis and need actually nine i want to service it all comes down the phone but there's a catch twenty two you know situation so what we did here for our season sixty five we've added two more rescues that we can put into place if things get really bad
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which they do a lot here. is it a band-aid yes but it's. many we have right now to serve everybody in this community. let's. cut. cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut. no no no no
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that the president are going to. come together. have a good day. wealthy british scientists on. time to explain the things. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at. global financial headlines tune in to a report on. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know. welcome to the big picture. of. me it is easy to be easy. you. need to meet.
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the official t. application. called talk from the.
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video on demand. dot com. in just streets and squares hour live with the iranian crowds once again a get out of president mubarak was forced from power people here are calling the military council to step down immediately saying they're blocking reforms in the country more from tahrir square just ahead of. greece's prime minister just parliament approved fresh cuts bonded by his cabinet warning the country faces economic chaos otherwise back despite signs of protests is running in the streets of athens angry at the time for the plan including a twenty two percent drop in the minimum wage as part of austerity measures sought by the i.m.f. and returned paul one hundred sixty buildings euro bailout also. europeans
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demanding that freedom censorship is speaking out against the global and to congress on state governments for. international news live from moscow this is all see with me thanks for joining us for us egyptians are staging a general strike and a day of civil disobedience to mark the first anniversary of the toppling of former leader hosni mubarak they're calling for the military rulers to step down immediately accusing them of hindering reform. of course now from the. connie. if you ask those people they will tell you that really nothing has really seized in the years since the barak has been ousted as a matter of fact there is thing that things have gotten worse because now they have
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to do with the military council the scouts which is at head of the country's government right now for refusing to step down for saying that they're going forth with democratic forms but most people here believe that is not the case they're also calling on workers for a massive strikes to go on indefinitely until the military council steps down the muslim brotherhood who are saying that these are the just these calls for a massive strike are actually destructive to the country because that will only judge egypt into further poverty and disarray also the religious leaders in the country are not supporting the strike as well but students the young people who work behind it this really show along with the workers who wanted to see some real differences there are saying that things must be changed immediately more on why it's absence are going to strike here's my colleague mary snow. around a thousand killed at least six thousand injured and even more still missing egypt's people have paid a high price to live in
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a new country but despite all the sacrifices the shadow of the old regime still looms large during mubarak's thirty years of mubarak's rule as the method number of people try them under military tribunals where one to two thousand now you know within about ten months or eleven miles we have twelve thousand which is of course a humongous number for a country ruled by the military the supreme council of the armed forces all skaf that's no surprise but surprisingly enough those discomforted over from who'd previously run the country are not themselves before military tribunals you cannot have four. suspected killers. to be tried in civil court system. the ordinary people there may be. medical records this is a simple way and this is illegal hasty with no proper investigation
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usually with no lawyer and behind closed doors and with no right of appeal human rights activists complain military trials provide no justice and violate human rights you know you have a nineteen year old getting a twenty five year old son to your centers because he had a box of mouth of cocktails and people who were found guilty of killing somebody by brutally beating him up and torturing him until he died these are getting seven years in jail so i mean it there obviously there's something wrong with this picture a lot of these people are trying for absolutely no reason i mean someone just just being in the wrong place at the wrong time is enough to get you in trouble that's exactly what a man says is his case september the time these really embassy in cairo the place. the young screenplay writer was present at clashes between the army and demonstrators and began helping the injured arrested but he was brought to military
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barracks after summary trial which lasted just twenty minutes he was taken straight to prison to serve almost four months for terrorism he says the military dishes out a very rough justice to. emerge in a seventy year old who's been in the army for at least thirty years it must be hard for him to take off his uniform and this lifestyle and this was the only way they know how to deal with problems so for several days what did know her son's whereabouts. when his sister came to me and said i have to talk to you i knew it was about him hoping for the best i prepared myself for the worst worth around a month after ahmed was relieved he now faces yet another trial from the same incident at these really embassy. they go is to intimidate people the message is clear if you go to tar it you'll be arrested and it makes us even stronger how is
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it they don't understand. is now working on a book he wants to title you must shut up he explains if people didn't give up after being beaten and humiliated they'll never give up until their voices are heard. the citadel in cairo egypt and medieval symbol of power and strength it was fortified centuries ago to protect the region from his enemies at that time cross aides and procedures today egypt's rulers are doing the same striving to defend themselves and to keep power with thousands in jails and dozens killed the concern here is that they may have been working too hard. griffin optionality cairo . and. there's an x. that a middle east politics says people on the streets of cairo are frustrated with the new politics which reminds them of their old a dictator in the dark what you see is more or less pressures on the street that
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very much reflects the frustration of these protestors with the mismanagement or the management of the transitional period by the scouts i think the supreme council is willing to be followed in the end but with very strict conditions conditions that ensure that it still has reserved a means of power in terms of national security policy in terms of foreign policy in terms of legal and constitutional immunity for its leaders and in terms of the vast konami interests and the economic empire that the bit establishment owns. draft resolution on syria has been circulated at the un general assembly by saudi arabia it's similar to the text vetoed in the security council last week while calling for an end to violence by all sides that lays blame primarily on the syrian authorities meanwhile state t.v. says gunmen have assassinated an army general in the counter sold damascus the
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first killing of a high ranking military officer began and made reports of ongoing fighting in the country the city of aleppo suffered twin blasts on friday that killed twenty eight people free syrian army initially claimed responsibility for that time but later denied involvement and blames the government meanwhile syria's opposition said expects official recognition from gulf states later this weekend and with no you on monday to intervene in the crisis the u.s. has now said to big gathering a coalition of states to support the opposition with calls from washington to all of the rebels in the respect from the university based in beirut as imposing a new regime in syria would lead to an even deeper crisis. it's been very well known the united states and european allies are interested in regime change in syria and they won't stop at anything that does not deliver a different government that they hope will be more sympathetic to western interest
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which is quite naive really when you think about it because the people in syria are likely not going to be more sympathetic to american and israeli aggression throughout the region the free syrian army is the armed opposition conducting very violent acts against civilians in syria against both the government and you know innocent syrians we don't know who the body counts you know what politics people have were killed i don't think the syrian people are really going to appreciate you know an outside exile group arming and training these people in different quote unquote democracy exercises and it's grateful that think of what could be coming next in external. force power is that in lee implanted in syria that is not at all representative of the people and the violence is just not going to end syria could lead into another iraq so it's just really quite devastating right now the way things are progressing. greek lucas papademos
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has warned of uncontrollable economic chaos of parliament does not approve a plan for fresh cuts on sunday the measures have already been adopted by the greek companies to secure one hundred and thirty billion euro bailout from the international monetary fund and with that is the country could default in march some more perspective on this one i'm joined live from chicago by margaret bogan grief of the financial advisory firm a.c.m. partners margaret thank you so much indeed for your time so despite six ministers stepping down the coalition managed to clear the new cuts so how do you think the parliament will vote. well in my opinion i think the parliament will ultimately pass this and here is why frankly it's politically untenable if they don't what what happens to greece if these are scared the masters are not has is that received balls that's essentially signing the country's death march now by signing in the are these austerity measures it's important to keep in mind that the parliament is not actually guaranteeing what's going to happen next because these measures
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actually go to the powers that be which then decides whether these austerity measures are not for the bailout to go through now what's interesting about that is to both german politicians and the finance minister have come out the past few days that greece this looks great but we still don't think that is a good not so poor as much of that has been going on in greece as much as that's making news the thing i find most interesting is yes parliament will probably pass that that's not a guarantee that the european union well i don't know that the new deal includes firing sixty thousand civil service and lowering the minimum wage how come this affects the already shrinking greek economy in the long term well what i think is interesting about this is firstly what you said a decrease in fifteen thousand public sector jobs a twenty two percent decrease in minimum wage i think what your first point is the much like greek economists have been saying is a shrinking the economy a quarter to five percent this year think about what that means for country already
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on the brink of you know social not necessarily collapse that definitely definitely instability and economic ruin but certainly you know it's certainly not growing at things certainly aren't getting better a decrease of more to five percent of growth combined with us thirty measures combined with the political pressures of the european union will definitely disrupt disrupt significantly in two thousand and twelve and even these smaller greek george cup and has its misses that just areas he was deal. anyways griese despite the crisis close to his party's stand the current prime minister has been warning of tiles and in case greece is forced to default so what options does greece really have. here is what i think is interesting i get asked this question a lot what's the third option what's the magic policy there is not greece is either going to commit the measures which i and many economists argue still is not enough
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to guarantee that greece more deep alt or it will default just sooner rather than later a lot of people are talking about disorderly default i don't think the european union nor greece is going to allow that to occur which frankly i think the markets have been calling themselves the last six months thinking that there is a better or option i mean and i think finally what's really interesting is we keep talking about this march debt greece is going to default by march i don't know or you know they won't they commit to these austerity measures i don't think march is necessarily a hard and fast deadline but i do think that indicate is this dramatic problem in the markets watching you know something's going to come along something's going to get better it's just not this could bring down down down for months and years if there's not a you know stopped way to it which i think you're seeing more people trying to do right now. and if greece defaults and the eurozone plunges into what could it mean for the rest of the world what would the global impacts be. i think that's
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a great question so firstly let's take a look at eastern europe because i think a lot of people are ignoring this fact twenty two percent of romania that again is your roots think about that nearly a quarter of the banking of the major eastern european country is going through grades so the fault that's going to climb must much of eastern europe into frankly these two recession if not pressure let's look at russia a greek default you know a shrinking european economy that means lower consumption of get gasoline the oil now looking at russia things certainly are not stable as they stand you see decreasing consumption of energy a decrease in prices you see a decrease in living standards there i think that instability continues to deepen let's take a look at the united states obviously our import numbers are going to decrease significantly putting a halt to any kind of growth we've been getting ourselves that we have this year we have an election coming up in twenty twelve november what does that mean for us
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that will certainly impact here and finally let's look at china europe is china's largest trading partner right now china is predicting more than eight percent growth this year greece defaults the european economies finally and arguably they should have been for a while contract china's growth eight percent they have a massive demographic problem as it stands you look at that you'll see a gross instability there as well and i think what's really interesting about that is going to china is kind of a break i think that's going to prove to be false in the next twelve months and also just to remind our viewers euro zone countries were downgraded by american ratings agencies in january do you think there is anything to the theory that the u.s. interests by these agencies buy them causing further damage to european economic prospects to benefit american business. ok so i have spoken pretty openly that i'm not a large proponents of the rating agencies there are private groups i think there is
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a lot that's not necessarily i don't want to say about the door but certainly not you know economically p.r. here's the thing you know whether they did it to serve american interests or not they just observed what's actually happening think about this in march reese only fourteen point one billion euros they can't pay their bills without this bail out by any economic strength is then that is not a healthy country and more importantly that the country that deserves to be put on even more severe watch so while i know i've heard a lot about you know serving american. interests well i don't necessarily agree with the platform it's coming from i do agree with the general consensus. among greve of the financial advisor. is not great scientists data it's appreciate it. thousands have rallied across europe against the international anti parsec code known as acts people in the u.k. germany poland and this twenty year have voiced fear that the treaty would hold
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freedom of speech and later on lies censorship on the wrist myth has most prominent . in line with hundreds of thousands of people all over europe today these people here in london behind me are demonstrating against the act or the anti counterfeiting trade agreements and disagreements which would make instead step by step she was saying if they used the fire it it takes the police to use it activists in the streets with no mo monitoring all of it there looks to be the crimean very nice anonymous. here and none of this is very often where they've got banners reading to shut down the internet they're saying new actor culture is made of copies and stop internet censorship one of the main objections to the actor agreement is that it's been negotiated in which entirely in the secret to much to the main even though she's resigned didn't exactly say that the dog.


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